Difference between Globalization and Localization

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What is the Difference between Globalization and Localization?if so,

kindly provide sample code

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    IF you are talking globalization as in PHP g11n?

    Enabling g11n in your application starts by loading it in the Lithium bootstrap process. Start by uncommenting the g11n line in bootstrap.php. The g11n.php file contains your application's globalization rules, including inflections, transliterations, localized validation, and how localized text should be loaded.

    require __DIR__ . '/bootstrap/g11n.php';
    The settings for the current locale (and available locales) are kept as environment settings inside g11n.php. This allows for a central place to switch, set, and retrieve g11n-related settings. It also makes very clear what the current locale settings are.
    Here, you can decide which locale is your default effective locale, and also which locales your application will support. Do so by defining environment variables like so:

    Environment::set('development', array(     'locale' => 'en', // the default effective locale     'locales' => array('en' => 'English') // locales available for your application ));
    Not sure if that is what you are looking for or not.

    ASP.NET Globalization and Localization « Tech Hub

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      are you talking about the scope of variables?

      some variables are declared or, by the way they are written and placed in the source code - local or global variables.

      depending on the language that you use, local variables may only be known and accessible within the same source file or same function. global variables are those known and accessible by more files or more functions.
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    Difference between Globalization and Localization is given below:-

    Globalization is using for making multi-lingual product and this is a process of designing and developing and other one Localization is the process applies to customize a particular culture and local levels.
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