What sort of programmer would I need to build scripts?

by kohako
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Hi Im looking at finding a programmer that can build a website addon where my clients can register and then scripts are run to do certain things ....eg: a yahoo email address is automatically setup for them and all details are then kept in their account etc .... and then those details are used to register for other web accounts ? All linking into a custom made web portal for my business .... Im just not sure what type of programmer I need to look for and what country would be best ? Any help would be appreciated.
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    You would need a PHP/MySQL programmer . Do note that yahoo addresses cannot be set-up legitimately in a automatic way .

    As for country go with USA , EU , Aus/NZ simply because if you hire someone from there you have the safety that you always have the law on your side in case a deal goes bad.

    Also the English level is far better then in the rest of the world so you can have a Skype talk without feeling the need to bash your head against the desk .
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      what language is your current web site written in? i would key the potential developer's skills on that. if the site is written in asp or asp.net, then an asp developer. if php, a php developer, and so on.
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    You can't create yahoo email automatically. So scripts can do this but Yahoo changes their policies frequently and you will know suddently that your core function is stopped working.
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