Installing a WP Blog AND Database to a Site with only FTP Access?

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I have ftp access to a client site to add a WP blog to an existing site, but not cpanel access. I can manually install WP by uploading the files of course, but what about creating/linking a database?

I tried and but there's none so it's another system obviously.

Any advice?

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    You can code a php page that will create the database, BUT you will still need an authorized user and password before MySQL will honor your request.

    If there is no cPanel, maybe there is SSH and/or VNC access. Both will need logins (that may well differ from the FTP login.)

    Sounds like a call to support is unavoidable.

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      Originally Posted by Harrison_Uhl View Post

      Sounds like a call to support is unavoidable.
      Yep. Sounds like it. Thanks
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    Just to confirm, you will need either CPanel or SSH access in order to create a new database for your new WordPress installation.

    If it's SSH access you'll also need the name & password of an account with CREATE DATABASE privileges.

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    You certainly do not need cPanel. If you have your SSH information,
    you can create your databases through terminal.
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