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I am looking for an article directory script specially for wordpress article directory. The main feature is it's auto updating function. It can spit out at least 10 articles a day.

Here is an example of such article directory: Internet Marketing Articles

Is there such script for download?
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    Hello there..
    Once I have delevoped this kind of site, so i know you can get it from _ttp://

    it is submitted by user.. but i think you could find a way to make it auto post
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    Most article directory has feeds for user to subscribe on their site. Which means if you use a feed poster plugin or autoblog like FeedWordPress, WP-O-Matic, AutoBlogged, set them to check for new content every hour or so, then you are in business.

    From experience, the last time I try these things gives me one major problem -- duplicate posts. When you found there were two or even three copies of the same article all on your same site, you'll be shouting in pain to do the cleanup as there will be hundreds of them each day!

    Maybe things have been improved. Maybe not. But for me, I'll stay away from these things.

    - Rufas
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    like this ?

    if you want i wanna sell this site
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