The best image resizer software ?

by YongC
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Hello !

I looking for a software to resize images but the quality is not reduce .... ?
Who can show me the best soft ... thanks so much !!
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    Hi m8, you can have a copy of this free (and anyone else who wants it too)

    its an image resizer/thumbnail maker etc, i did plan to add this to the main site but never got around to it so ill make it available free.

    100% clean and safe to use, full and unrestricted version.

    i hope this helps you m8?

    Coming soon, PREMIUM rebrandable software at very low prices.

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    Thanks but i can't install this soft ...have some warning ... =.="
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    For batch image processing, I would normal use a command line tool. With just one command, 1000 images is resized within minutes. Very convenient. I use ImageMagick and it is available over here:

    ImageMagick: Install from Binary Distribution

    Once installed, go to your image folder and run:

    mogrify -path thumb -thumbnail 150x150 *.jpg

    This will resize all PNG into 150x150 according to aspect ratio and put them on the 'thumb' folder. So a 320x240 image will resized into 150x112. To force it on 150x150, just add an exclamation mark (!) like this:

    mogrify -path thumb -thumbnail 150x150! *.jpg

    Happy converting.

    - Rufas
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    That's a nice tool Rufas, thanks for sharing. Nice to see it's available on all platforms as well.

    Otherwise pretty well any graphics editor will re-size images individually, even the Microsoft Photo Editor included with MS Office does an adequate job.

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    If your looking for the very best of the best out there, cost aside, then get photoshop, and get the Alien Skin Blow Up plugin here:

    Alien Skin Software: Blow Up 2

    Its hands down the best resizer tool out there to maintain original quality, even better than resizing images using just photoshop. Ive used other tools that get the job done but if quality is your #1 concern nothing will beat Alien Skin Blow Up.
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    I have one called VSO Image resizer it works like a charm
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    Originally Posted by YongC View Post

    Hello !

    I looking for a software to resize images but the quality is not reduce .... ?
    Who can show me the best soft ... thanks so much !!
    I spent a lot of time looking for a good one online. I downloaded several that did not work. I found this
    Free Online Image Editor

    It is free to use. Funny thing is, I can resize on my mac. However, when I do resize, I completely lose the flash loop, but this worked like a charm. I had some issues and the owner/creator of the editor answered me directly.

    It's funny that you posted this today. I have several banners I need to edit. They flash for more that 15 seconds. I need them to flash for 15 seconds or less to be approved for a media campaign I'm doing.

    I'm hoping the online editor will do the trick
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      IrfanView. Simple and free.
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    Maybe you can try out Photoscape (it's free) or FotoSlate
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      have you considered GIMP? i've used it to so some simple resizing and cropping, but it is also very capable of doing much more complex things. and it is free.
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    do you want to resize UP or resize DOWN?

    do you want to do it as part of a website or as a desktop application?

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    Download Jamroom free: Download
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