Best CMS for Social Network Website, Looking for Highly Customizable Solution

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Hey guys!

What CMS would you recommend for social network site (just like Facebook)?

I'm looking for a highly customizable solution with both design and technical stuff.

I've furrowed the internet for feedbacks and figured out that Joomla or Drupal (with the appropriate plugins) is still the best option, however people tend to have really different feedbacks, experiences and impressions so I can't decide which CMS to go for.

I started to use Elgg but I find it not flexible and customizable enough

So please advice!

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    I would recommend BuddyPress

    It has big open source community behind it, it's based on WordPress and it has been used by very big sites, like GigaOM Pro and more.

    I hope this meet your requirements.
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    For something as complicated as "social network", it's best to write out list of key feature you want and have a group of developers write it for you.

    i am sorry, the truth is: you get what you pay for. There are many free, nearly free, and cheap social-network sites (SocialEngine PHP Social Network Software - Create your own social media community!) and (phpFox - Social Networking Script) for example, but they are cookie-cutter crap (at least to me)

    If you want successful and scalable system, you best have it custom made. You can hire developers from and such for fairly reasonable rates.

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    Your best bet is to have one custom developed for you with the functionality you would want first, once you get some members build it out further with user requested/voted features.

    Most CMS's today tend to give you everything under the sun...which can be a bad thing as you might get confused and take too long to get it set up.

    So yeah, get it custom built for your immediate requirements first and expand it as your network grows.
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    If you want something "Like" facebook then the obvious choice is the open source facebook platform itself:
    Happy Anniversary (and Facebook Open Platform) - Facebook Developers

    we’re [facebook] open-sourcing a significant part of Facebook Platform, including most of the code that runs Facebook Platform plus implementations of many of the most-used methods and tags.

    "Jamroom is a Profile Centric CMS system suitable as a development framework for building entire communities. Highly modular in concept. Suitable for enterprise level development teams or solo freelancers."

    Download Jamroom free: Download
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