The PHP index file is hidden on the website that I need to edit.

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I purchased a squeeze page website that has 10 articles, an opt-in box, social bookmarking, and automatic content adding.

Therefore, it's a php website.

I want to use this website a number of times, but optimized for a different keyword each time.
Therefore, I need to insert different keywords into the articles that are posted on it.
I also need to change the meta and title tags for SEO.

I heard that php is added to a HTML page.
I also heard that there is a option that I can change in Front page
so that I can edit it in Frontpage to make needed changes.

So all I have to do is find the file, and open it in Frontpage.

I downloaded all the files from my website.
I've looked through all the files using notepad,
and I can't find any file that looks like a whole bunch of html, with php added.

Does anyone have any suggestions where the main file with all the html with php could be?

Thanks for your help,

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    is there an index.php or default.php file anywhere? look specifically at the highest directory.

    to edit the file in an editor that only understands html, you will have to rename it temporarily to index.html or index.htm.
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    Scott, this is a duplicate post of the question you already posted in the Website Design forum. You were given several answers there, and have yet to even acknowledge one.

    And you've posted the question "Best Free link Cloaker/Tracker for WP and Article Directories" in 3 forums now!

    Please stop doing this, it's not necessary to repeat your posts verbatim, and it decreases the value for others who may be participating in the threads.


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