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I am looking this type of script =

This is the geo ip script, when the visitors visit on website, script auto change the flag depend on their IP address and change the word from India to other countries like USA , England etc.

Let me know your reply.
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    This one works great Talking Captcha and other Php scripts. I just tried it out last night and it's wonderful.

    In the source, it tells you where to download all of the maxmind databases, along with a zip file containing images of flags. It works great.


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      Thanks but i am new on php programming field. Can you tell me which file have to download to root and to connect with them or is there any tutorials to see step wise step. Thanks
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      Thank you for this information.. I need this and found here
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    You could try using Maxmind's javascript web service. MaxMind - GeoIP JavaScript Web Service It's easy for a beginner to do.


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    but on maxmind script it is showing all details but i only want to show flag and little description.
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      Another alternative:

      Code:  //IP Address example
      [h-t-t-p://] ad2script [dot] com/?ip= //change this [ ] section
      complete php sample code can be found in the original site.
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    You just have to do some php codes to make this happen.
    You can modify on your own. Otherwise you can hire some person who is professional in this field.
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    I've used Maxmind to do all sorts of things based on what region the visitor is coming from.

    Check out this post here
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    John Ayling big thank you for this share!!
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    GEO ip Script sorry but i am new on top programming field so due some am is mine thanks
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    ip2phrase allow you to retrieve ip related information, like flag, country name, and it is free.
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    You can use ip2nation - resolve IP to country. Let me know if you need some help, i can do this for you.
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    You can include the JavaScript provided by MaxMind in your web pages. This script creates several window-global functions that return information about the client's IP address.

    <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="//" type="text/javascript" ></script>
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