How to open a RAR file?

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Earlier today I bought a WSO and when I came to open the file, discovered that it was a RAR file.

How do I open the darned thing without shelling out for software?

I have emailed and asked the WSO owner to send the file in a .zip file but he is obviously having a day off. (the WSO listing is a few days old.)

Is there a simple way to open the file?


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    If you don't want to download any software for doing that (btw 7-ZIP is free open source software that also supports RAR files) you can use a website which unzips your RAR file for you. You should Google "online unzip service" and pick a site which looks good and trustworthy to you.

    I don't want to send links to any sites because I haven't personally tried them
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    Thanks for that - off to give it a try.


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    No problem, if you don't mind I'd like to hear if you find a service that works for you
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      TUGzip is another free program you could grab. I have that pretty much only for the few random times that I end up with a .rar file.
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        winzip is really good (AND FREE). Also, when sending attachments to someone, it's better to send it as a Rar than a zip.
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    Thanks to everyone.

    I managed to unzip everything - eventually!

    I'm a bit of a 'stick-in-the-mud' and like to keep to what I know...

    I downloaded jzip, unzipped the RAR file (with difficulty...) then deleted the program from my laptop because it changed all the other zipped files on my pc to only being opened with that program. Whilst it helped to solve my problem, I didn't like the fact that I had to change how I viewed everything else on my laptop.

    Mission accomplished - but I really don't like having to change - perhaps it's my age :p

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    Good to listen That Karen!
    But if the Situation Comes Again:
    + I would recommend 7zip. Its light, easy and fast. (remember to uncheck all in the "associate formats" while installing.
    + Or You can go to and convert rar to zip or any similar formats. I recommend it personally.

    Hope it helps You In Future!
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    Why is everyone making this really complex lol?

    Download winRAR, it's free and it's the most widely used.

    Then everytime you get a .rar file double clicking it will automatically open it up allowing you to unzip it.

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    Hey hey! If you need Winrar then you can get it here
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