Why is my wordpress creating blank pages?

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I feel like a mouse in a maze, help!

I have optimize press installed on my wordpress.

And have been using it with no problems whatsoever for 3-4 months.

Today I started editing my sales page and when I hit the view button the page was empty.

All the content is in the editor but for some weird reason it just isn't appearing on my website.

I tried creating new pages and the same thing happened.

I got this warning message about php becoming unuseful or something like that and actually followed the instructions to fix the problem ( I have no idea if that caused the problem).

Any help to solve it is warmly welcome!

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    Did you update or install anything new on the site?
    Like updating WordPress to 3.2 etc.
    Excellent product, Excellent support, great for affiliate marketers (Amazon, ClickBank etc)
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      You might view the source of the blank page and see if any error is rendering out there. Depending on the browser you are using it's usually something like View/Source. This has helped me see an error when I didn't realize one was happening in the past.
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    Usually blank pages means a PHP error. There might a some plugin conflict or an error somewhere in your theme files. Maybe I can get more ideas if I can see the URL of your site. And is your site on a shared hosting or on a private server (vps, dedicated)?
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      Another quick thing you can try is to just go into your Wordpress Plugins page. Select all of them and de-activate them.

      Then see if you can save your post or page and if it shows up properly. If so re-activate your plugins one by one until you determine which one is causing the problem.

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