Recommend me some stuff for desktop productivity,making a website

by flmaec
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Colibris-for quick launching.

Notepad++ for quick editing.
Phpstorm-for a coding editor.
TortoiseSVN-branching and tagging purpose,to test out new revisions of the coding.

using delicious for bookmarking sites,also using the mozilla ff extensions delicious extensions,one of the best I have ever seen.

google reader-for managing rss feed
onenote ms for notetaking purpose,it has notebook,section,sectiongroup,pages and subpages,I am currently using a microsoft onenote mobile versions already.

I am looking for tools to help me manage the following:
graphics assets- I cannot stand the folder lying all over places already,for example when I buy a new package it will have folders and several subfolders,is there anything great about any software program for
example photoshop which can help me manage my asset?

I have several pdf which are cheatsheets for coding-recommend me a way to manage the cheatsheet.

recommend some other tools as needed.
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