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So I'm trying to setup an upsell product using clickbanks' pitchplus feature. I'm selling a 1 time fee product first and then trying to upsell them into a monthly recurring product. To do this clickbank requires you to add special code to the pitch page where the customer clicks a checkbox to verify that they understand they will be paying a monthly fee.

Clickbank provides sample code on how to set this up but the code does not work. You can see the sample code here: PitchPlus
(if the anchor link doesn't work the sample code is towards the bottom of the page)

My site is on wordpress which does not help because it changes the code when you put it in the html view. I tried this with a static site as well and it still did not work.

For one the check box turns into a regular text input box and the links don't work.

I'm pulling the hair out of my head on this one. If anyone can look at this or has delt with the issue, I would really appreciate some insight.

Thank You!
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    Can you pleae provide a URL so we can take a look? Feel free to PM me if you prefer.


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    Hello Mike,

    As I saw in the sample code on Clickbank's site, the code has parts that should be in the header of your page. Which's can't be done via WordPress's post editor.

    My site is on wordpress which does not help because it changes the code when you put it in the html view.
    If your site consist of only one CB product sale page, then you can add these codes via Editor under Appearance menu. You'll see name's of your theme files at the right side of Editor. You probably have to add the header code to header.php, and the rest to index.php. This may be different in your case, you may need to select appropriate files to edit.

    If your site has more than one page, then you can use a custom page template for these product's sale page to make these codes only be shown on desired page. You can find sources about how to make a custom page template via google quickly.
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      I figured this one out. Thank you guys for your input!


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