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pls can somebody help me? i have dreamweaver 8,and xamp both installed on my pc, however i dont know how to connect forms i created on dreamweaver to the database, please i need detailed explanation
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    Need more information in order to help you?

    Have you created that database? I'm assuming the form is going to interact with the database in some way, right?

    Without knowing what you're trying to do, I'll give you a brief rundown...

    1. Create the database.
    Open up your web browser and type in "localhost" into the address bar. If xampp is running, it'll direct you to the xampp homepage.

    On the left hand side, under TOOLS, click the MyPHPAdmin link. Here you'll be able to set up your database and table(s). If you need more directions about this...there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere on how to do this.

    2. Code
    If you're going to be working with databases, then you're probably going to want to use MySql. I haven't used Dreamweaver since 2003, so I don't know if they help you out in this area.

    Basically, your code will deliver the form data and input it into the database.

    Again without knowing what you're trying to do, I'm just assuming you want to take the form data and input it into a database.

    This doesn't take long...so if you need some help with it...just let me know..
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    Well, I used xampp to do local testing, xampp installation if the Apache and MySQL can be started, then your machine is a local web server, and look at the local site is not a problem, can generally be used for website testing
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    @Big Squid: Thanks for the share. I didn't know about this before....Iused xampp only for testing my websites in local machin. DW with XAMPP?? Somethig new for me!!
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    If you are new to programming, use a cms like joomla to startup instead.
    If you aren't new to programming, use a framework like code igniter or cakephp.
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    i use xampp. just get the whole package and install it. then copy your website to the directory e.x apachefriendsxampphtdocs (remember to make a new directory in there for example htdocsmysite). then run the file "xampp_start.exe" which is located in apachefriendsxampp . a browser window will pop up. you can make change with mysqladmin etc. from there. if you want to see your site, in the browser adress type for example (it depends on your site, figure it out).. when you want to close xampp run "xampp_stop"... give it a try and tell us
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    This document describes how to set up and use a XAMPP package for Textpattern development on a Windows machine (all things working optimally). These instructions describe using the normal ZIP package or 7-zip executable package. Both are the same thing, but the latter is self-extracting and the file size is much smaller so it downloads quicker. We are not focusing on the installer version for two reasons: First, the installer version installs files into the Windows registry, a place people generally don't like to mess around with
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    Go for manuall installation if ou just want to use PHP as then you can just install Apache 2.0.52 and PHP 4.3.10, plus saves on diskspace!

    Manual installation is far better than all-in-one installers as then you will gather knowledge of how to manually install Apache and PHP!
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