is onlywire really work?

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i want to try to sign up all of the services of onlywire..but i dont know if its really work! please help!
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    what do you mean by onlywire?
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    no its still free. payment only for more features
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    is use it since a few months- and definitly it works.

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    I tried a few days ago and I was under the impression that it did not work

    I have the feeling that the rest of the sites have changed their posting workflow therefore onlywire has to change it too.
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      Is it necessary to use different accounts in only wire for your different niche sites? I want to use it for 5 different sites, but not quite sure if I need to switch up my accounts/user each time or if I should just post them all to the same accounts.
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        Yes, it works. Much better than Social Marker, and for $13 dollars a month it can't be beat. They'll even fill out the Captcha forms for you.

        And no, you don't need multiple accounts for each niche. It's all based on how many submissions you make each month.

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    I think its impressive.

    As it saves all your passwords, so you don't have to.

    I have tried social marker, but that is a pain in the a**.


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    When they first came out they were not bad but I found that over time, more and more services started moving toward manual captcha, which tells me one thing, the service does in fact not work because it is not welcomed, by the services themselves, so in reality contrary, to all the positive reviews, I must tell the truth, dont waste your money,

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    Originally Posted by masspingtool View Post

    i want to try to sign up all of the services of onlywire..but i dont know if its really work! please help!
    Base on my experience it can help you some how, but you rather make it manually submitted, it is more faster.
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