What's better, CPanel or Accelerated CPanel?

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I guess I should say, what's the difference between the two versions of CPanel.

While trying to start a new domain using WordPress as the site builder, my host ran into problems enabling WP in my new domain folder. They already successfully set up one domain with WordPress, but for some strange reason, they couldn't seem to get this one to work.

So after losing 2 days of work and several communications back and forth, I finally got my domain folder loaded with the WordPress software.

The only thing is, they seem to have moved or copied all my sites over to a new version of CPanel. The first CPanel just had "CPanel" at the top, but this new one says "CPanel Accelerated".

I really hate this new 'accelerated' version - it's much more cumbersome to find my way around - the little windows are too small for my monitor - I find the layout confusing - and so on.

Can anyone enlighten me on the two CPanel versions? And perhaps on how I might be able to set things up in original CPanel?

The error I kept getting said:

Fantastico is unable to connect to your MySQL server at this time. Please contact your host for assistance.

So it seems my host can't fix this without switching me to this other CPanel v3 which seems to be an inferior version.

Any ideas why this is such a problem for them?

Thanks for your help.

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    You should have an option in cPanel Accelerated that allows you to change the style. Should be in the Preferences section.

    The newer version is Ajax enabled, so you can drag and drop things, and stuff loads quicker. It's really more of an interface change up. The back end is pretty much the same. There are some additional features, but this all depends as to whether or not your host has included them.

    If your hosting company can't get a simple WordPress site to function properly on your server, I would suggest looking for a new company. Wordpress has got to be the easiest thing to install. Especially for an IT person, working for a hosting company. Hell, my mother installed her own (62 y.o.), and she just started using computers last year. She doesn't even speak English very well, and she figured it out. I helped her out with setting up the mysql portion of it, but she did the rest.

    Don't go through fantastico to set up word press. Many times, it wont have the latest version. The easiest way is to just download from WP.org, and install yourself via FTP or Dreamweaver. Then just point your web site to the installation folder, and follow the instructions.

    Good luck!

    - Davis.
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      Thank you Davis.

      I'll have a look at changing the interface because this one is awful whereas the first was so simple and clean.

      Considering the error I kept getting,

      Fantastico is unable to connect to your MySQL server at this time. Please contact your host for assistance.

      I have to ask if this will affect a manual install?

      As I said, they did set up the first one just fine so I have no idea what is the problem. They said it had something to do with the version of CPanel I was using. Since I have absolutely no idea what that means, I'm at a loss to understand it. If it worked for one, why not this new one?

      So if I do it manually, do I have to set up the MySQL as well, like you did for your mother? (And hey, whadya mean - 62. We are quite adaptable, doncha know ) I recall that with my first domain, I got a database error so my host had to set something so that I had access.

      Is it possible they just don't have a very good MySQL / database setup in place? I think they had to add or increase my databases or something. But I might be confusing it with another problem.

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