How do I backup my WP blog?

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I was told that I should backup my WP blog on a daily basis but after glancing at my dashboard, I am not sure how this is done. Any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks!


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    In your dashboard go to Tools -> Export -> Select "All Content" and download the export file. There are a lot of other methods but that is the only way that's built into Wordpress.
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    BackupCreator is on offer now - only $17. good reviews. I bought it already.
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    You don't need BackupCreator, you can do it manually and save it to a CD or a usb or so, it has been mentioned but just to confirm the way it is done is

    Step 1: Go to 'Tools'
    Step 2: Click 'Export'
    Step 3: You'll have an option on restricting, choose your option.
    Step 4: Click 'Download Export File'

    All done, hope it helped, and saved you from buying something you could do manually.
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    use wordpress plugin "WP-DB-Backup"
    It will take backup daily and send to your email .
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      Thanks for the help, everyone, I think I will do it manually for now anyways.
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        You should login into admin panel and on dashboard go to Export -> Select "All Content" and download your file
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    If it is the only blog hosted on your server, you can also take backup through control panel of your hosting account.
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      Remember one thing before you do this. You can not restore individual posts this way ( unless you have downloaded author specific files, - ie, if you have more than one author for the blog ). Now, read on

      1: Click "Tools"
      2: Now, "Import"
      3: Select "WordPress:
      4: Click "Browse" and locate the backup file
      5: Now, "Upload file and Import"

      Done !!
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    Okay, just three steps, let us generate and download a backup of your blog. 1 On you dashboard, click “Tools”
    2 Now, “Export”
    3 Now, “Download Export file”

    You will get an xml file. You can save it on your computer or attach it to an email and keep it on your email account …. hmmm what is your choice ? Remember: Always keep more than one copy.
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