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Hi guys
I have a big need in a program/application that would submit forms (and press the submit button) systematically every 12 hours
here's an example:
Vote for credits
and I have 4 of these url (all identical forms - username, password, name. + submit) that have to be submitted every 12 hours daily

ok now the question:
1) Is there a program that would be able to do that? I heard of roboform, I know it automatically submits, but I'm not sure about the scheduled submissions part...

2) If there is such a program, would there be a way to make it work (submitting forms) from outside my computer? Some free/paid hosting somewhere, so I let my PC rest sometimes? =)

Thank you in advance...
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    Check out ubot it's great for those who just want a quick solution. It's a visual macro studio, with easy drag and drop controls. It's a very powerful piece of software that can definitely do what you need.

    As for letting your PC rest look into buying a dedicated server or even a virtual server (which are a lot cheaper, you can find one for around $20 to 30 dollars a month).

    Good luck!
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    The tutorials over at UBot Studio should explain how to do this, specifically the ones labeled Hunting for Elements and Asking What If?

    For internet forms, submissions, etc, it's easier than AHK. If your bot is successful, you may even consider compiling and selling it. Seems like a great idea.
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    I have roboform, to the best of my knowledge you have to manually activate the log in as opposed to setting it on auto pilot..
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