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I'm quite new here. Actually this is my first post.
I want to improve my web site with a sorting filter (I'm using wordpress). I have only basic knowledge...so I would ask your help, please
I'm locking after this king of filter (case-de-pariuri.ro)...see it on the right middle page. I looked after something like this about 2 weeks...but nothing found.
Could someone tell me what plugins is about.
Thank you very very much!
Would be a great help for me.
#plugin #wordpress
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    please let me have your help
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    I really didn't get your question. Are you trying to install a plugin which locks the content and to unlock it, the visitor is asked to complete a survey or something like that?
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    hi. could you check case-de-pariuri.ro?
    take a look to this filter. This is what I want...and I can not find
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    if u use wordpress you can do it fairly easy with the api..

    anyways you have to sort your database rows on a specific manner so its shows the filtered results only.
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