Autoposting Plugins 'eat' CPU?

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Hi. I recently installed Digi Auto Links and Digi Traffic Multiplier (autoposting) plugins on my wordpress site, and now both my site's loading times and WP dashboard navigation is soooo slow. I've seen a few posts about autoposting plugins needing a lot of CPU and filling up the public_html folder (my host allows me about 70mb I think and I'm at 68).

My host, Bluehost, has a Pro Package with dedicated ip and bigger public_html capacity (couple of gig I believe), but would this package help overcome the loading problems? 'CPU Throttling' has been pretty high since I added the plug-ins too according to my cpanel. Any ideas? I'm a non-techie so speak sloooowly
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    I installed an autoposting plugin earlier on my personal Wordpress blog. It really loads the server and eats a lot of CPU. I had to finally remove that plugin and post manually only.
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      Thanks for the reply - Yeah I've just had to deactivate the autolinking and autoposting plugins, hosting account just got deactivated due to excessive CPU usage. Might look into other hosting plans as I like the idea of these plugins.
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    upgrading will not solve the CPU issue... PHP is not made to thread so anything that needs to loop through a lot of events will cause high CPU.

    You can try moving to Amazon Ec2. You are separated from other hosts, so you probably won't get deactivated for high CPU. You just have to stay off the SWAP memory. If you SWAP too hard you site will completely freeze up. Cool think about EC2 is that you can upgrade memory on the fly... so as your site grows your server can grow with it, only pay for what you need
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      Thanks for the tip - I'll do a bit of digging on this.
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