Is there any good protocol to learn basic HTML?

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Hi Friends,

I would like to learn HTML and PHP, kindly suggest me good book or url to learn.

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    HTML is simple to learn its just a markup language with open and close tags. PHP is a little more complex. I would start with HTML. Play with existing HTML sites and an HTML editor until you understand what specific tags do.
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    go tye in google "html css ebook mediafire" in case you want a free copy
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    If you are serious about learning, I would recommend getting a subscription from Amazing resources and very affordable too! You should get the one where you can also receive exercise files as they are very useful. If you put in the effort it should pay for itself after 4-5 months of training.

    Good luck!
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    Google w3schools. They have some pretty good courses on most things programming
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      HTML tutorial in w3schools is good.
      And there are many useful Youtube clips for HTML and PHP.
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    + 1 for Lynda - that's how I learnt
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    If you want to learn basic html, than and are best source. i also learn PHP with help of these sites.
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      I would say HTML Dog for HTML, and W3Schools for PHP and HTML. also has video lessons on both of those.
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    To learn basic HTML an PHP try 'Head first HTML' and 'Head first php and mysql' book.Its good for beginners.
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    The basics could be learned from YouTube videos. There are many video tutorials to learn HTML and PHP.

    However, W3Schools is commonly preferred.
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    Learn HTML and other basics of Web design - it's not as hard as you think!

    You can become a first-class Webmaster who can build your own fabulous sites, manage your own domain and hosting accounts, create search engine friendly pages, and even use special elements like audio technology. It's easy to learn web design with my simple but powerful Website Creation Course.
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    "w3 schools " is the best option , at beginner level

    Thanks & Regards,
    Reach us at
    Web Design| Logo Design | Banner Design | Web Development | Mobile Applications [iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone]

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    1. Start by following tutorials to familiarize yourself with the programming and logic.
    2. Improve by making simple things yourself. For example, a simple webpage, a simple console cms without data storage.
    3. Lastly, do real projects to become really good.

    If you follow these and really work hard, you can probably be good in about 2 months. Remember that no.2 is really important and will really help your core programming skills.

    Then again, it is not necessary to be a good programmer to make good websites nowadays. Being a good researcher, user of plugins, themes and available frameworks can be more useful.
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    Get google running and start digging. Open up a web development editor (Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Notepad, whatever), and start typing up code. Use divs (stay away from tables) use lists for navigation, and use links with images rather than buttons (unless you're doing server side stuff, then use buttons with images styled).

    Learn CSS and javascript. They're your best friend.
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    Here are the 8 Easy Ways to Learn HTML
    1 Take an Online Class
    2 Read an Online Tutorial
    3 Study the HTML tags
    4 Read all the beginning HTML articles you can find
    5 Read FAQs on HTML
    6 Sign up for HTML newsletter
    7 Subscribe to the Web Design or HTML feed
    8 Read a book
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    What kind of OS are you using?

    If you are using Windows then Google for a complete installation package for Apache / MySQL / PHP (usually comes with extras)

    I use (the no longer supported) Apache2Triad (still works perfectly for me)

    Once you have that up and running you will have a C:\apache2triad\htdocs\ or something similar folder.

    Then, open your browser and go to: (remove the spaces)

    http: // localhost / and it will give you a directory of folders and files.

    Now you can play with HTML, PHP, MySQL and other stuff to your hearts content.

    I do all of my development in that manner.

    For each project I do I have subsidiary working directories that feed my SITE_WORK folder where I make changes, additions etc. Once I am satisfied with everything then I move only the files necessary for the site to work correctly to my SITE_FILES. I test again and then if all is well I use a simple but effective WS_FTP program to upload it to the hosting location.

    You can create databases; all sorts of stuff and you don't have to wait for uploads to test anything.

    Go to W3C schools copy and paste some examples and just start playing. Start simple and observe what each new section teaches you. In no time you will get the hang of it.
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    I would suggest setting up a WordPress site or something similar. You'll be able to get it up and running very easily. Then, for fun, you can start hacking away at the theme. Try adding plugins or widgets to it. By playing around with things, you'll be able to pick it up pretty quickly. And that way you're not starting from scratch.
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    HTML is simple.

    I'd focus on CSS/PHP

    I learned most of what I know from the "Head Start" book series.
    Ad Astra Per Aspera
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    I prefer W3schools. It is best for the novices.
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      I'm going to have to take back my recommendation for w3schools. It looks like it's pretty controversial and not as helpful, actually. See I'd just go with
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    Here's on extra thing to try - creating a wordpress theme from scratch! ยป So you want to create WordPress themes huh?

    Great introduction to functional PHP and HTML at the same time.
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    PHP is a common sense language. It uses logic to program with it. So it is extremely easy to learn.

    try Tizag Tutorials
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    It is always suggested to start with HTML. It is a very simple language to learn and you can master it in small period of time. PHP is a bit more complex. But once when you are cleared with HTML then understanding PHP will not be a tough job.
    Webmaster Studio -A premier web design and internet marketing company in New York.
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