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by alanaj
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Hi All,

I'm trying to add a love calulator script to one page in WP. The readme file is not very helpful and I'm not sure what to upload or install where.

These are the files that are with the script:
images (folder)

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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    What does the Readme file say? I would search for a love calculator plugin for WP before trying to start installing a pho script into WP.

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    As luck would have it, there is a WP Love Calculator just search for it on wordpress' website.

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    Thanks for replying. I don't like the love calculator plugin that WP has. The script I purchased is much more attractive.

    So far I uploaded the zip file through my cPanel and pasted the code from the sql.txt file into the database for my site. Unfortunately it's still not showing the page when I browse to the URL.
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    Take the script you have and make it into a plugin.
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    Hi Kevin, I'll send you a PM ASAP. Thanks in advance.

    Codez - do you think if I could turn the script into a plugin I would be posting an S.O.S in this forum? Are you going to offer me step by guidance to turn my script into a plugin? Or even point me in the right direction? Or even offer your services? If yes, please send me a PM. If no, then please don't add to my aggravation. When people come here for help, they are looking for REAL help. When you're spending days trying to figure something out that's important to you and someone gives feedback like yours it doesn't help. If you're not going to offer feedback that will help someone, why comment?
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    You will find nothing in readme file. Love calculator plugin is available on WordPress. Try that. Else, you can turn your own script into a plugin.
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