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first of all sorry if i have posted on wrong place.
i m first time creating this forum.....
need to know how do i do the seo for this....
i have some ideas but i need some expert advice
plz help.......thanx
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    Dude. refer this site - "Traffic Generation Cafe" (just google it)
    I have learnt a lot through it.

    Dont even understand what your site is about, when i click on your link.
    Your homepage should be descriptive. it should properly summarize what site is about.

    The more the textual content. More the ranking.
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    good descriptions that use your forums keywords is a good place to start. is the forum active?
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    Hire some forum posters from fiverr and make some posts with the key work for your forum. It will hell much when it comes to contents of the forum while ranking.
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    Just had a very quick look at your forum and you really need to get a captcha or q&a security script on your login otherwise you will have 1000's of new registrations every day from spam bots.

    Put this BEFORE your SEO worries.

    That said, there are plugins/mods for the SEO for your "phpBB" forum just have a quick look on Google.

    Best regards
    Arran Wood
    When you need to earn money online just ask Warrior Forum
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    thanx arran...for your actually i have intentionally disabled the captcha.....and i have already installed some latest security access is in full control i think .....the main thing for me is seo......but i have learnt many things by reading valuable wf posts.....wish me luck and give suggetions about latest tools or methods which can help me....thanx to wf.
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