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This OP has been updated!!! I have added all suggestions as a list. Readers can opine or add to the list by adding your own post to this thread.

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After purchasing and installing a few decent plugins, I have noticed that many plugin developers do not INCLUDE essential items or functions that should be mainstream by now.

So I want to start a thread on suggestions, examples and "want to see" type posts for developers to review or use as a checklist before they release their plugins in the WSO forum and elsewhere.

So feel free to add your opinions, suggestions and complaints.

My first suggestion is that every plugin MUST have links to their main, support, blog, forum, videos, etc. WITHIN their dashboard (not just the "visit plugin site" link under the plugins listing area.

Don't see why I have to go searching for the link in emails, etc., to find info. or access instructions.

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-> Plugin Update Notifier or Check for Update Link / Button
-> Direct "Settings" link (in the WP plugins page). (In lieu of the admin menu listing - OP's edit)
-> Logic Diagram - FOR COMPLEX PLUGINS. Include a logic diagram. (shows the logical flow of your plugin's functioning)
-> VIDEO VS. MANUAL - (USE both, but NEVER say something in the VIDEO that cannot be found in the MANUAL!)
-> Browser in Plugin's GUI (OP is developing a Master Plugin Browser - fill in the blanks and download a browser for your plugin's GUI: PM me for details)
-> RX plug-in - checks for conflicts between plug-ins and diagnoses interrupted functioning
-> Complete Service Plugins - Don't Give Me More Work To Do!
-> Provide API IPs - provide in plugin's settings or dashboard page any IP the plugin expects to receive data from.
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