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Hello Folks,
I just purchased CARP Evolution and I also downloaded a Wordpress Plugin for CARP. However I am having trouble installing the Plugin and I was wondering if anyone could point to any resources that you may know that walks through the CARP installation.

Many thanks
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    To use CARP and assuming you are using the PHP version, you will have to manually edit the templates and insert your PHP code into it that way..

    Although there are some plugins that allow you to insert PHP code into a page via, the editor, I've had quite a bit of heartache doing it this way..

    If you want to give it a go (who knows it might actually work for you), check out a wordpress plugin called :

    Exec-PHP (

    Hope this helps

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      Hi Bruce, Many Thanks for the reply. In fact I downloaded the Wordpress Plugin for Carp and it worked well except that I am having problems generating Amazon product listings using CARP.
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        Ok, thats a different problem thatn the one I thought you had..

        So what sort of problem are you having with CARP and AMAZON.?

        Do tou get an error message, or anything like that?

        Take care

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          Hello Bruce,
          Here is the message I get,

          Newsfeed display by CaRP
          [CaRP] Unknown document format.

          All the other features work quite well for me.

          Also I was wondering if you could suggest me an easier user friendly Amazon WP plugin.
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            Mmmmmm... Never seen that error before, have you check the url you are using with a web browser to see if it looks good?

            You asked for some other WP - Aamzon plugins,

            Check out - Its Donationware.

            I haven't used this plugin on one of the latter version of WP, so it may or may not work..

            Burt worth checking mout

            Hope this helps

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