Best way to store daily site backups?

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Hi guys,

I have a client who is using a rubbish web host. Very unreliable with the sites being down more often than they're up lately.
They're in the middle of a big online project, so any more downtime from changing hosts right now is out of the question.
I've decided that it will probably be best for me to do daily backups of the sites, rather than rely solely on the web host.
Just wondering what is the best way to store the backups? I'd prefer to have an online solution, but have no idea where to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    How about a cron job that backs up to a different server?

    If your client having issues with their hosting, it would be wise to switch soon as possible despite the big project you guys are working on. Get it done on the weekend or something.
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    Hi Sissy, it depends on the site. If the site has a database or not. For example if the site is WordPress there are plugins that integrate into online databae backups so you can backup your site and have it stored on an external server.

    Otherwise there are some solutions like Site Vault that offer website backup or if the site uses cPanel there is usually a backup option in cPanel.
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    well there are quite a number of online backups available that do complete automated backups each day

    cron job can also be set up

    if you use wordpress / joomla or any such cms there are loads of components / plugins available to do the job.

    not sure about your webhost - but even webhosts keep daily / weekly backups. I think you could directly ask them if they do so.
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    You could do two things. Most hosts let you pay a little extra for a backup service. So look into doing that if you don't want to setup something yourself, this might be the quickest way do get backup going.

    Second way is to setup a remote backup system to a remote server somewhere. There's a great tutorial online, I can't post the link because I'm new, but you can google "Using Rsync and SSH", make sure you include the quotes, it's the first entry that comes up..

    A third option would be a buying a remote backup server, but you'll still need to install some sort of backup script on the server that needs to be backed up.
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