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I just ran across a site, Drupal, it looks to be a platform for building websites like WP. i
If you use it, is it a better way to go?
I doubt that I will change but I am curious.
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    Drupal is another content management system, much like wordpress. It's similar in a log of ways, and has a large community, not as large as wordpress though.

    I use to use Drupal, but wordpress has really soared past it, in recent years. I only see a need to learn drupal at this point if your going to work with an existing site that currently uses it. You have everything you need in a CMS with wordpress.
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    Drupal let's you create sites that "look better" however they don't get as much love from the search engines.

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    Drupa ke, what is drupal where wp exists, its not as good in search engine as my bro SEOexpertSEO said so take caution
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      Originally Posted by globalwalyy View Post

      Drupa ke, what is drupal where wp exists
      Ughh... what? :-)


      I've used both, so I can tell the difference as a user:

      - Drupal has a lot less themes (so I disagree to "looks better")
      - it's a lot more complex to install and maintain
      - it CAN do more out of the box, but that is, again, more for using more complex (social media-style) sites.

      Stick with WP, drupal is not worth the hassle.

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        Wordpress is more of a blog engine where Drupal is more of a true CMS. I feel you get more control over Drupal than Wordpress. As far as user friendliness, Wordpress takes the cake. This is why I usually always suggest Wordpress to anyone that asks. There is a giant community for both, but the Wordpress community is massive. Most problems you run into, someone has already ran into and posted online.
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    Wordpress is more user friendly and has a lot more plugins available generated from users.
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      I think Wordpress and Drupal have both went the same way. You won't have the built-in tools for blog or CMS like you do with Drupal and Wordpress, but you have the flexibility to build anything you like. Wordpress is better than Drupal at blogging, but Drupal excels when you have more sophisticated needs.
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    In wordpress, all of the admin area back ends look the same. Drupal enables you to change that. If that is important to you, maybe consider drupal.

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      Originally Posted by ussher View Post

      In wordpress, all of the admin area back ends look the same. Drupal enables you to change that. If that is important to you, maybe consider drupal.
      I am not sure if I am wrong about this,
      but there are scripts/plugins that allow you to customize your WP dashboard (admin panel) as well.
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    Pretty different stuff. I suggest sticking to WP if you can get the job done with it
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    Drupal and wordpress is totally diff, if you need make some simple site.. you can use wp but if you need more complex site without coding.. drupal is best choise... you can make site like fb use drupal lol... but I ussualy use wp because all my client want simple site
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    Well thank you my fellow warriors.That is what I thought. I am not changing now. I like my WP sites.Besides from a few of you saying that it is harder. I will just stay where I am. That's where my guys at Unstoppable place their sites and tell me to.
    Thanks again. I love to learn.

    Read the rules.

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    Drupal is an open-source, PHP-based content management system. Drupal offers web sites a broad range of features such as multi-user administration, community interactivity and news aggregation. If you wish to set up a content management system yourself and you do not have PHP and HTML skills, Drupal is not your best choice.
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    For me, WP is better than Drupal. It gets indexed quickly and has a lot of plugins available on the net. In terms of modification, WP is easy recode than Drupal

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    If you are comfortable with WP now, stick with it. The whole blog vs. CMS thing was true a few years ago, but you can do pretty much anything with WP these days. The theme, plugin, and developer community for WP is moving faster than Drupal IMO.
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