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Does anyone know of a good plug in/solution to geo target visitors?

Lets say I have apage about dentists in the US.
We have a visitor from arizona
Then I need the plug in to show a banner(from my webspace) that is about a dentist in arizona.
If someone from New york shows up on my page it shows the banner from the new york dentist that advertises on my page.

anyone an idea?

I guess I need some sort of database Ip->show banner.
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    Yes, but the IP-to-city database. Please download the free version of maxmin which is good for your need ( I am using this for my webhit counter.
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    Hello finne,
    To achieve your goals you need a GeoIP database and then it's fairly easy to set up.
    I will list you the few steps in with additional PHP code.

    1. Get the GeoIP database from here: and extract it into a folder

    2. Get the PHP class for easy database handling here:

    3. Now you just need to run the PHP code to determine the Country of your visitor:
    You can't find the code here: Forum won't let me post it here.

    Now with this you can do a check on the $country variable to determine what to display.

    Please let me know if you need additional help.

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    If you just want to use geotargeting for ads then I would just use the openx adserver. It will do exactly what you are asking for. also offers a adserver solution with geo targeting.

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    If you're using WordPress, there are geo target plugins that can do the job - WordPress › WordPress Plugins
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