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Hi folks,

I'm considering testing exit popups (or lightboxes) for some of our sales pages.

Here's some examples I found:

Dialogue, on window close: The Ultimate Exit Popup Has Arrived!
CSS Lightbox, on mouse to top right: ExPop: Unblockable DHTML Exit Popups (Hover Ads)

(both commercial scripts -- not aff links -- though I'll probably just write my own).

What type of exit popups do you use, and where? Have you found any types more successful in different browsers, or even in different markets? I'm looking to reduce user frustration as much as possible. Appreciate any feedback and suggestions.
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  • Anyone? Even if it's to tell me "they're evil, don't do it"?
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    Hey there,

    I use Popup Domination and that Script from David Guindon.
    Also, OptimizePress has some Exit Popup options integrated.

    My opinion: "It depends" - on the type of page you're running.

    If it is some sort of "clickbank product sales" page - go ahead with aggressive exit popups, those customers are usually used to it anyway. Same with regular sales pages.

    If you're running a business page etc. where customer realtions and impressions are more important, I wouldn't use exit popups, as they are pretty annoying and tend to leave a bad impression.

    So it really all comes down to the environment you'll be using it in...

    Rob Konrad
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