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Hello folks, I shifted my blog from blogger to wordpress, & the SPAMMER Comments have increased like hell.

How do they find my Posts ???

Blogger had spam protection but WP dosent.
So i wanted to know if there is any plugin for wordpress to stop those people from commenting @ my blog ???
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    Askimet, it comes by default on most Wordpress plugins
    There is also a bad behaviour plugin, but I've not used it in year.
    Also check out wordpress.org/extend and search for spam and filter by popularity if required
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    You can use Spam free Wordpress that will automatically block the spam comments. Try it, surely it will help you.
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    Akismet + some captcha plugin will make your page much quieter.

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    I use the "Bad Behavior" and "SI Captcha" plugins on all my client sites.
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    I suggest firstly changing your settings so you have to manually approve comments (Settings > Discussion > An administrator must always approve the comment), then to install and use these plugins, and your problems will go away:

    Akismet or WP-BlackCheck
    SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
    Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin (also helps with comment spam)
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    Just change the setting manually and get rid of the spam comments.
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    Akismet and SI CAPTCHA are essential wordpress plugins in order to avoid spamming.
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    I have a blog where I am getting tens of thousands of spam comments (because my blog is popular and has high PR). Akismet is keeping statistics of how many times it fails to catch Spam. On 30.000 caught spam messages it only failed 3 times... So I guess there you have your answer. WP without Akismet would be hell for me.

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    Download Math Plugin
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    Akismet is a good one to start with. There are captcha, question asking plugins if you need more protection.

    Recover Wordpress Hacked Blogs

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    i'd go with htaccess for this one. here's one of the most legit wp sites out there and their spam-fighting efforts:

    (can't link; not at 15 posts yet)
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    I agree that akismet is the best spam tool I've found. I haven't had to go so far as a captcha, but it wouldn't hurt.
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      Pardon my ignorance but I thought you had to pay for Akismet ?
      I tend to turn off comments on most of my blogs (they information site and have zero interaction), but on the few that have comments enabled I stopped using Akismet because they wanted to charge me per message they blocked.

      Although I have not looked at them in a while, I presume they are no longer doing this?
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    Pls i need help
    I installed the word press, but when i try to log in with the User and Pasword, Its says 500 error
    Do you think the problem from hosting company?
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    Same issue with my blog and I installed captcha by BWS and it is controlled now
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    Akismet is free but you need an API key for it to run. If you go to the Akismet settings page within WP Admin there are instructions on how to get a key.
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