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Hi everyone,

I've been studying IM for few months now using eBooks, video lessons and all that usual stuff. I really feel like I'm ready to start my business and I've got very excited when I thought I've "digested" Dreamweaver and Photoshop... until I published my site.

Problem #1 Unfortunately on Google I've got content of index page overlapped the header and big gap between content and header on other pages. If, using DW templates, headers for different pages have different height, shell I have two CSS pages as well, one for index page and another one for "site map"/"about us" etc.?

Problem #2 Firefox doesn't recognise my site at all.

I don't know HOW and WHAT now.

Any suggestions please.

Many thanks in advance.
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    Any chance we can see the actual page as it's a bit hard to figure out what's wrong from the description.

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    Yes a link to the site would help in solving the issue
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    Oh guys,

    It's sooooo mess now.

    I've deleted all files from my hard drive and started again. I reformatted DW's template in terms of height of header, saved two folders - 1st one with header 150px for home page (index.html and CSS) and 2nd - with header 60px for all other pages (aboutus.html and CSS), checked these totally new two pages on my browser and published (synchronized) four new (listed above) files like I did it many times before. Resolt = 0. Google shows NO changes at all, Grrrrr... I'm useless.

    It's so frustrating. Months of studying, days and days of nothing else but studying... and when you feel like you are ready to start up and running... nothing goes right...

    theplrtimes dot com
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    If you tried to help me, I can't say it was helpful because to me it's just unreadable set of letters, sorry.

    If you taking .... Sorry again, definitely not good attempt, keep going, have a fun
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    Me too i got this kind of problem, but it was solve automatically. don't know how?
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    It seems like I've to wait. I wouldn't mind if it down to timing only but I'm afraid that something wrong with coding. On the same time I use Dreamweaver CS4 so I presume that every thing in terms of code should have been done automatically. I really wish I knew the answer.

    Anyway, thank you, you gave me some kind of hope.
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    Sorry Mhuktar

    Somehow I missed your advise, didn't get message on time. I'm just fine now.

    Thank you all.
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    Glad it up and working
    Pass the link and let us take a look?

    cheatsheet & reports
    visit: http://cheatsheetreports.com

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    Yes, sure... just a bit latter, my first "baby" isn't ready for public yet. Soon will be party and I'm going to invite everyone who helped me in one way or other.

    Thank you
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    I would recommend using Wordpress instead. Auto Cpanel install Thousands of free themes .

    There is no need to mess with HTML is such a heavy way.

    Business Funnels - http://businessfunnels.com

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