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Hi there
we have a membership site (Financial services product) and need to be able to have PDFs that the member can fill in some boxes and iupload a logo on the website and automatically rebrand the PDF with their contact details and their own logo. Is there a script or piece of software out there that can do this.
I have looked at all the PDF creator software and they don't do the trick

Any help would be appreciated
many thanks
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    I've used FPDF to do this in the past. There is a little bit of a learning curve (especially if you don't know PHP), but it works great, and it's free. PM me if you want and I'll show you a demo page I custom coded for this exact purpose.

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      Hi Brendon
      thanks for that. I know nothing about PHP and this looks like a complete nightmare for me. I was looking for something that I could have a selection of PDFs that I could up load someone could select the PDf and then update a simple form that would then insert their Contact details and their own logo. the original PDf would have place holders for these things and then they could save their own PDF and use in their own marketing. Seems to very difficult to find. Looked at viral pdf but this seems to be for people to put affiliate links in. This is more for Financial advisers to create their own PDFs dfrom pre formatted templates.
      I am looking for something that doesn't exist?
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        Hey Mark,

        I've never seen a product that does exactly what you described "out of the box", but something like that could definitely be custom coded. Sent you a PM.

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    Its pretty easy in php in several different ways ... have a html template, input the user vars in template, save as html file, convert .html file to pdf in lunix with html2pdf command line.

    Or use any one of the free PHP libraries to create pdf's
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