Is this possible to do with programming?

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My client has a radio station and he needs a tool to find out the most viewed music YouTube videos by musical genre. He needs this in order to find new songs that are having success on YouTube but are still not on the radio.

Does anyone know if such a tool already exists? If not, is it possible for a programmer to create it? I guess sorting the results by musical genre would be the challenge, as YouTube does not offer subcategories within the music category.

Also, does anyone know if it's possible to find out itunes best sellers by genre?
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    Im sure by using the Yotube API you could achieve this.
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    itunes offers an api. Im sure it is doable, just not sure how much work it would be.

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    i mostly prefers own coding or programming because in this we got more limits and options
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    Being a big music fan myself.. I don't think YouTube have an elegant way of displaying 'Genre' on their videos. There is no specific section to my best knowledge where somebody actually selects a Genre.

    I think you'd be better to try and get information from elsewhere - such as iTunes?
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    Maybe Soundcloud is a viable alternative to determine the genre for unofficial music. Find music with many plays on Youtube, then try to find the song on Soundcloud or as others said on Youtube or or other music platforms.
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    I don't know too much about programming but it sounds like this can be done with an API
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    Yep. im sure this can be done..
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    Its only possible if youtube allows you access to that data.

    Need to read their API documentation to see if they will allow you to retrieve that info.

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