Best query tool for 50 million records? Server or Client-based?

by tomcam
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I have a database of 50 million customer purchase records. I have heretofore done little with them but am about to mine the heck out of them. (who's bought dog training products since 2005, who signed up for our service but purchased nothing in the last year, etc.) Our database is in PostgreSQL, but of course I don't mind exporting to another format.

Ideally I'd be able to construct queries and then save them under a name, sort of like bookmarking a site. Pretty isn't necessary. Fast is preferred. I'm open to client solutions like Access or FileMaker. PC or Mac would be fine. If online, I'm open to a PHP script, like maybe ezSQL or Appgini. Dedicating web server to this is fine too, as is using Amazon.

Main question is whether the tool can handle 50 million records efficiently.
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    I'd use SQL Server with that many records. Easy to learn and use.

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    Yes, you can use SQL Server Management Studio for that, and create views you can save.

    You can even use access and connect it to those views, it would be slower but more user friendly.

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    Maybe you're just after a report writer that can hook up to the existing PostgreSQL. Actuate maybe? Google, "postgresql report writer" ?
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