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by oulee
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Hi All,

I want to be a Java developer, specially focused on J2EE.
I already know C programming language. Till now I've learnt the basic syntax and object oriented features of Java. What should I learn next?

Java is little confused to me, it has so many platforms and features increasing day by day. I'm not sure where should I be focused.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    First go to core java. The Complete Reference for Java is a good book to start. Then move on to J2EE once you are comfortable with core java.

    Thank you
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      Originally Posted by frank007 View Post


      First go to core java. The Complete Reference for Java is a good book to start. Then move on to J2EE once you are comfortable with core java.

      Thank you
      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the valuable advise . I'll definitely try The Complete Reference.
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    Honestly, you should check out YouTube. It is the best source in my opinion to learn things. Not only is it better to hear it than reading it but it also gives you a more hands on experience because you can see what they are doing.
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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      I haven't checked out any you tube videos. Certainly videos can play a role. As long as the instructor is typing out the code and explaining it. Reading code from power points is lame. Programming is an active sport, some students do well with the "mock method "That is typeing out the code along with the instructor
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        Hello again,
        Since you have some C i would avoid using a book until you can solve some simple problems that work inside the main function.
        My notes or a find a good online tutorial. Once you master these few things then the Head First book being recomended would be the best choice. Is that the one written by a married couple ? Before you read any book know how to.

        1)Declare a variable of type integer.
        2)Assign a value to a variable of type integer.
        3)Output to the console using the println method the value of a variable.
        4)Output to the console the characters that make up a string object
        5)Use String concatenation to output the characters of a string followed by the value of a variable.
        6)Work with the double data type to manipulate 64 bit decimal numbers.
        7)Add two variables, add two variable and store the result in a third variable.
        8)Understand the difference between a constant and a variable
        9)Go to 5 of my websites and click all my affiliate links
        10) Using Scanner object read a number entered by the user via keyboard
        and assign to a variable
        11)Get two numbers from the user and store each one in a variable. m Then output their product.
        12)Oh man ,its late. How did i get to doing this
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          J2EE is a great system to learn. It's basically a client server system with support for databases and such on the server.

          I would suggest that you dive straight into developing something with a simple system such as: Stripes: or grails (just google that one).

          Learning through development is the only way to learn this stuff.



          is developed using Stripes.
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            First go with Complete Reference for Java then you can move on to advanced java...
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            Originally Posted by mortenmatras View Post

            Learning through development is the only way to learn this stuff.
            That was useful. Thanks.
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              Seriously, the BEST way to learn Java, or any programming language for that matter, is to try and develop a simple game.

              Even a text game to start off with.

              Why? Because it's fun! Well, if you enjoy games that is, (and who doesn't?).

              You said you already know some C. The thing is, C++ is closer to Java than C due to it's support for objects, as opposed to C which relies on procedural.

              But anyway, have a go at making a simple game if you get time.
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    Starting your hands on "Hello world" gets you the basics in java. Have a java api at hand and try compiling and running some sample programs.
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    There's a little bit of a learning to program resource list over here.
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      Hey oulee,

      Good advice given so far regarding the basics, but if you have a handle on the basics of how the language works then the next step I would suggest would be to look into some of the frameworks available. Spring is very popular in the java community and is a pretty non invasive and therefore an easy platform to get into. Then look into the likes of Hibernate or Ibatis for Object Relational Mapping and other database interaction. All of these are really well documented and there's tonnes of simple examples out there to try your hand at.

      Good luck!
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    I taught Java for 7 years at Depaul University. From beginning programming using Java(not the best idea) to Java for C++ programs to data structures. Jdbc and swing were covered. I have high reviews. I posted all my course materials online and most of my coding examples solved some sort of problem and the problems built on each other. I am in the middle of oraganizing my html & css materials to redistribute on the web. I will gladly switch to Java if you are serious.Why don't i post the first 6 hours(Most courses ran once a week at night for 3 hrs,the poor students) If you like my teaching style and materials ill post as you are learning.I have been experimenting with using an autoresponder to send mini review lessons.
    I am coming back from a life threatening issue, i was out for 2 years thats why my stuff i scattered. Other then that these are high quality materials that would be a shame to go to waste.
    Professor Anthony Larrain,
    Formerly known as midnight tony la , guitar shredder;
    Most people call me tony la.
    These days I am the online money bee
    Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............. Out
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    I would strongly suggest reading Head First Java. From O Reilly Media written by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.

    The book clearly explains all the core fundamentals in a very interactive way and has fun exercises which really help in understanding the language
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    I recommend you to acquire the book Head First Java by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates which is easy to read, fun to learn and interactive.
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    Check out the book Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel. You can even read it for free online...
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    all the videos start with "ok, lets get started" so it always feels like you might have watched this one before, but there are 12 hours of learning java videos here:
    J2ee Video Tutorial - Java Object-Oriented Programming Video Tutorial | [12 hours of Video Tutorial] | OOP in Java | JAVA Entreprise Edition Video Training | JEE J2EE Video Programming | Free JEE Lessons

    There is an annoying blackout advert that makes you wait for 13 seconds before you can click to see the page. Not sure of the purpose for this, seams just to be there to annoy.

    "Jamroom is a Profile Centric CMS system suitable as a development framework for building entire communities. Highly modular in concept. Suitable for enterprise level development teams or solo freelancers."

    Download Jamroom free: Download
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    If you want to learn Java start by easier programs like simple loops or maybe simple class then when you master them go for bigger class and that how to improve in programming.
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    Well this is how i learned Java:

    wrapper classes
    objects and inheriticance
    GUI and event handling
    database programming
    HTMl and java
    client server architecture
    session handling
    mvc architecture
    JSF and struts

    use netbeans IDE or Eclipse and you are well on your way.

    You are welcome to pm me if you need help.
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