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I'm looking for a plugin that will display the posts on archive pages in alphabetical order. For example, when someone clicks on a category in the sidebar, I'd like the posts in that category to display in alphabetical order instead of the default reverse date order.

I need a plugin because I don't know enough to alter the php files. The "solutions" I've found so far are either incompatible with WP 3 or involve altering php files.

If anyone knows a good solution, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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    Here you go. Download the zip to your computer, then install thru Plugins > Add New page, then click the 'upload zip file' link. Tested on WordPress 3.4-alpha-19672.

    It's actually a pretty simple plugin - just intercepts the database query for archive pages and changes the sort column to the post title.

    Anyway, enjoy. Cooked up just for you.

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      AWESOME! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!
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      Originally Posted by SteveJohnson View Post

      Anyway, enjoy. Cooked up just for you.
      Heh, I was halfway through the second page of options settings when I saw your script.
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    You can do this using a custom query. Using WordPress Custom Queries - WPFan.com
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