wordpress installation failled-please help me!

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I have installed wp via control panel (syskay.com) through fantastico and was well done. I even log on to my wp-admin for the setting up of the blog, but on the process of visiting the site to know if what i was doing was ok. On geting back to wp-admin area to continue the blog customization everything just went wrong.
I can't log in or even get to the log in page. I try to access my site smallbizclue.com but with an 500 internal server error, i try to call my local host all what i was told was that i didn't install the blog very well. I have tried numbers of time yet the problem still remain.
any suggestion that will help me out of this mess is appreciated.
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    500 Internal Server Error is a host side error, they should be able to fix it for you.
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    are u using any plugins? install the blog again, and see at which step it goes wrong, that should point the problem,

    else like Brendanm says it is a host issue, they should be able to fix it.
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    look into that plugin thing. There are some plugins that require certain versions of SQL or PHP that may or may not be on your host.

    Install wordpress without any plugins at all...see if it works then....

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    Originally Posted by ollybode View Post

    i try to call my local host all what i was told was that i didn't install the blog very well.
    Time to look for another web host. They should have been able to help you troubleshoot that.

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    What is the php and database versions of your hosting account?
    Some plugins can not run without the latest versions of those installations.

    If you can't login to your wordpress admin center to disable the troublesome plugin(s), you can do it via ftp or cPanel access. Just temporarily rename the plugin folder or simple delete it from your website directories. Then try to login to your wordpress admin centrer again (www. yoursiteurl.com/wp-admin/).

    Hope this helps
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    Find another legit webhosting site like host gator.
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    500 internal server is definitely web hosting company issue. Call them and ask them to roll back to previous state. They should be able to help

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    Some things to check:

    * Check that your .htaccess is clean. 500 errors can pop up in there. You can back it up, delete it, and try to access the site again.
    * Your host may not have enough memory to run a certain script... especially if you have plugins installed. Work with your host to increase your memory. Adding "php_value memory_limit 16M" to the top of your .htaccess file will sometimes help. Or adding "memory_limit = 16M" to your php.ini file in the root of your site.

    Good luck.
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      Your problem is directly related to using that Fantastico script installer. We explain exactly why HERE.

      It has modified your .htaccess file and this is why you're getting that Internal Server Error.

      Let us know if you're in the market for a new host, we can setup WordPress for you the right way...manually
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