How can I fix my site?

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I run a site called bodyrenaissance (with a domain)but have not updated or visited the site for about a year.

To my horror on visiting it today, all the content has disappeared and only the banners and some adverts are viewable, along with a bunch of error codes.

I stress that I have not changed anything since it was working perfectly and myhosting is up t date so all the data should still be there.

Can someone please visit my site and tell me- Has my host lost my data? How can I fix this? I dont think I have a back up......

If you want to charge me for your assistance please PM me


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    I doubt that the host lost the data. The host may have upgraded software that has caused an issue or you may have been targeted by the crackers and your site taken over.

    Do you have a backup of the data? Can you determine the last date the data was good? Not visiting the site in a year is a mistake of course. Have you contacted your hosting company about the issue? You might want to see if they can give you hints toward the problem, you already pay them for service.
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    Ya, you should be able to get the hosting company to recover the information... Usually they charge anywhere from $10 to $20.
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    You have to remember that your hosting company might have been updating their server information. The reasons that things aren't working as expected could be anything from they upgraded php, to them migrating you to a different hosting server, and one of the files didn't transfer correctly (I see this happens quite often when the .htaccess file is not transferred)

    I would check your database and make sure that the content is still there. If not, you might want to pay someone you trust to do a little checking around and get you back up on your feet.

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    There is no way that the data is lost. Contact the hosting company and everything will be fine.
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    • Before even contacting your hosting company just check your control panel to see if there were any automatic backups setup and trying restoring from one of those.
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