forward mail,, to my gmail account?

by thedog
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Hi guys.

I have email addresses for my sites, example,

I want emails going to this address, to be forwarded to my gmail account.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

I asked hostmonster, and was sent to a tutorial which was useless.
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    google apps for business
    just register and follow every steps. pretty simple.
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    If you're not using cPanel, I would follow the advice of Baronz. Once you sign up for a google business account, which is free for up to the first 10 e-mail addresses, and setup your mx entries, you can create the account, and set up a forwarding rule to your e-mail account over on google. You will receive an e-mail on your account to be forwarded to which allows this priviledge, and then you're good to go.

    Takes about 10 minutes to setup

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    Thanks guys, great advice!
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    thanks to all. this function is needed myself.
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    I made a video tutorial on this as a lot of customers asked the same question: Creating an email forwarder step by step

    There's also some other tutorials there if you're new to cPanel.
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    Sad but Google Apps service is no more free! Only way to forward emails is to use the forward function in your hosting webmail panel.
    Book a support ticket on hostmonster!


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    You register for Google Apps. I registered before and it was free but if you want more than a certain amount of emails then you have to pay for it.

    Hope this helps!

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    This can be done by using Google Apps for email
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