'fz3temp-1' What's occurring here?

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Have been trying to upload thru Filezilla and keep getting a message including 'fz3temp-1'. Although the index file uploads, the site won't load in my browser - instead it comes up with a '404 = page not found'. I've tried lots of stuff over the last 4 hours or so and I'm going nuts. The support desk at my hosting said it's a local error and they couldn't really help (although they did come up with a few suggestions that I tried to no avail).
Can anyone help - please!? Hope I'm posting this in the right place on WF.
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    Do you have firewall software running? I know FileZilla stores temporary files so you can edit them and then choose to either keep or lose your changes. Possible your firewall is not letting FileZilla create that temporary folder it's mentioning in the error and so is not completing the actual FTP transfer. It might have updated itself and your firewall is treating it as an 'unknown' program.

    For a quick workaround... if you use Firefox, try searching for the FireFTP extension, it lets you do all your FTPing in a browser tab. Hope that helps.
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    This is a temporary folder. You need to upload the file from it's main source.
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    Thanks 'HonestCoder' and 'Big Squid', for your responses.
    I don't think it's the Firewall as I was using Filezilla for other uploads immediately before and after the problem arose. It seems to be those particular files.
    I deleted and re-installed Filezilla, and that didn't work. I even tried to upload the same files using Filezilla on a different computer and that encountered the same problem.
    Since I needed to get the thing moving quickly I used a different domain and it worked on that. Thanks, HonestCoder, for letting me know about the FireFTP extension. ...much appreciated.

    (PS: Has anybody got a spare couch where I can lie down and talk about my childhood?)
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      Originally Posted by aciddropkid View Post

      (PS: Has anybody got a spare couch where I can lie down and talk about my childhood?)
      Yes, my rates start at $200/hr

      Glad you got it sorted, even if we didn't solve the technical problem
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