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Hi folks!
What em I looking for is a proxy script..i mean..a content management script.
For example: a user makes an account, pays 10$/month and receives a number of proxies per day. Also, i want him to have the possibility to check proxies and other features are welcomed. Please let me know some CMS names and i will check for them.

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    This is too vague for me to understand.

    Proxy - Usually refers to a server that provides IP address remapping and filtering of traffic on the IP.
    CMS - Content Management System is a framework to provide dynamic web content functionality.

    There are many CMS, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla are on top of these but there are many others.

    But how do you mean to use "Proxy" with the CMS.
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    What i want to say it's i want to start to sell proxies and i need a script where people register, pay and have 20proxies/day or something like this.
    I need to put that 20 proxies in a website + needs to have a checker (a proxy checker to see if it's alive - also - to show hostname and country)

    So what i need is script/cms where to do all this stuff.
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    Do you have an example site we can look at?
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  • Profile picture of the author triad - exactly something like this.
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    I have same problem.

    I want start Proxy Business like above site. I want sale Private Proxy for the people and charge per Month.

    Anyone Know about this??

    I search since 1 Month within 4 Major Forum in the World. But Never get any success answer for this?

    Why people don't know about this ???

    Why people silent about this ???
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    just create a mysql database with your proxies refereing them with an id number
    you also make a database with the accounts
    so what you do is create a php file that will check the month
    and in base of the month they get spesific proxies
    so everytime the month change they get a diferent proxy
    i have more ideas on what you can do but they are a little bit more complex
    but they would be great for your website

    any way i hope you find a good answer
    personally i would send an email to the user telling them
    the proxies for the month
    and just set up an autoresponder
    with follow up each month
    so they get new proxies

    More than 50 modules , scrapes, post and make money.

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    In order to create a nice proxy selling or any other business you've got to have reliable data.
    Therefore you have to have tools that constantly check (every 1h-4h) if the proxies is still online. That's for the free ones. If you want to provide/sell proxies yourself you have to have a person who will manage your server(s) and install the necessary software. There's very affordable VPS (Virtual Private Servers) nowadays you can get them for about $20/month.

    If people pay you $5/month for a proxy you'll need just 4 people to break even.

    Next, you will need to setup a membership website that will take payments e.g. PayPal or other provider.

    You will have to check with the hosting company if they will be OK with the traffic that is allowed to go through the servers.

    Are you using WordPress? Cool. Have you tried qSandbox yet?

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