Making tinyMCE Work With File Thingie

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I have been trying to get tinyMCE to activate with a file manager called "File Thingie". Seems pretty straight forward when looking at Free PHP File Manager | File Thingie

But for the life of me cannot get tinyMCE to activate when editing a file. Have followed instructions, or at least tried

Anyone ever try File Thingie or maybe know how to make tinyMCE work with it?

Thanks in advance,

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    That documentation isn't very helpful. I have to read between the lines. But one of the files in fileThingy (I've never used it) contains a setting with PATH in it to the TinyMCE installation which should be in the same directory as the file ft2.php.

    There's some mention about $ft['plugins'] array that is containing the "settings" for the plugin, which makes me assume you should have a $ft['plugins']['tinymce'] value you need to add or change.
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    Thanks Earnie.

    Yes, I have been all through the the docs and tried many different things - including paths. Have tried changing the $ft['plugins']['tinymce'] all around also.

    Pretty much spent past 4 hours trying different things. Starting banging my head on desk and thought maybe I could prevent further damage by asking here, lol
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    It's loading the tiny_mce.js file in the wrong location.

    Change directory to the js directory in your filethingy package and create a symbolic link to the tinymce directory.

    On *NIX do:
    ln -s ../tinymce tinymce

    On Windows do:
    junction tinymce ..\tinymce
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    Thanks once again Earnie!

    Not totally following where I would be making the change, but will study this and see if can figure it out.

    Appreciate you taking the time to assist me,

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    I've modified ft2.php to do the correct thing. Replace yours with this one and it should work for you.
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    But once you edit the file you'll get another error. The file was saved though.
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    That is very nice of you Earnie!

    Working on a project for a school function. Wife is in-charge of the girls dance team fund raiser. Setting up so they can use their mobiles to place/record orders on a simple form I made.

    We are using file thingie script to allow the teachers easy way to edit each kids personal site (add their name and assigned stuff). The Thingie script will do that easily and I can assign different logins for each teacher.

    Now I just have to find how to make TinyMCE editor behave, lol It likes to strip a lot of stuff out of ready made templates, like the whole <head></head> tag area. Think there is a setting like < cleanup : "false", > that may help.

    Really, really appreciate you taking the time to help.

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    Earnie, could you tell me what you changed in the ft2.php file to make it load tinyMCE?

    Trying to understand the script better.

    Cannot get the tinyMCE editor to load the css and some .js. Any ideas?

    Really appreciate your help. If you do not have time to mess with, totally understand. But my head is sore after many hours of trying to figure out, lol

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    I changed the ft_make_scripts function. I removed js/ from src='{$c}' and prepended js/ to the values being added to $scripts[] array.
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    Thanks Earnie!
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