How much bandwidth does your website use on shared hosting?

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Hey Warriors,
I got this website with lot of images, so far I was uploading images on google picasa. Now, I have decided to upload it on my GoDaddy shared hosting servers. I have purchased this unlimited hosting plan from them.
I was wondering up to what limit this Unlimited Bandwidth is limited to in reality ?

If you are on an unlimited hosting plan with any other web hosts, how much bandwidth you are utilizing ?

Thank you!
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    Is that Important to you want to know our BW..? It's different with your niche & your target...

    * Just little advice : If you want to host with pro or look like pro, don't just using sharing with others site, put Dedi IP on it... Sometimes (many cases) site in shared IP will got problem if that IP showed in Blacklist IP...

    About Bandwith in my hosting, I will not think about it after got Unlimited at trusted Hosting Provider, I will think 'When I must pay my monthly rental..?' or 'Am I have enough funds at my PayPal to pay the rental cost?'
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    Well as you rightly assume "Unlimited" has limits. You'll need to ask GoDaddy about their physical limit. It is probably stated in the Terms of Use. What they really mean by "Unlimited" is that you won't be charged a fee for using more than the physical limit.
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    there is a discussion about that.

    Definition Of Unlimited Bandwidth | Forums | Groups | Go Daddy Support

    For our Unlimited Hosting plan, you don’t have a limit on the bandwidth. However, the bandwidth is subject to availability on the server. I definitely recommend reviewing our Terms of Service for more information on this:
    Legal Agreement
    If you’re using a lot of bandwidth consistently, I would consider looking at our Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated hosting options.
    Best of luck!

    Are you using WordPress? Have you tried qSandbox yet?

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    Mostly the limit is almost 5tb I guess. But if you are a really big investor or something like that then you can contact them and have a quotation about what actually is the limit
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      thanks for the info. I will do that
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