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Following the manual from s2member (as far as that can be called a manual) I created a member signup page. However, no matter what I do or try the registration form is NOT showing there.
What does seem to work is to make a more complicated call to the form but that makes the reg form completely different from the rest of my pages.
The big bugger for me is that if a user registers they should be diverted top paypal, do their payment and then brought back to the site where they can start using restricted content.
So here's my crying plea Is there anybody out here who has experience with s2member (or any other membership payment plugin for that matter) and can show me how to do this.


*** HOURS later ***
Nobody??? Can't believe this is true. Am I asking for the impossible then?
#s2member #woes
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    You may want to try posting this question on the s2Member forum or the WordPress Plugin forum. Those places will have people that are more knowledgeable regarding this information.

    Lonny Kapelushnik

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