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by dave.
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Hi guys,

I'm a newbie to programming and website creation, but I'm sure that you could find a very easy solution for my problem:

I have a static html site that was created 4 years ago. It has about 20 pages and I've also intalled a wordpress blog to a subdirectory, which can be reached under

Now I want to make some changes on this site, so it looks more like an authority portal, rather than a simple hobby website. I want to upload a lot of content, thus I want to use wordpress or any other CMS platform to manage new content easily and make the whole site more dynamic.

The problem is that I've done a lot of SEO to the existing html pages, they are ranking very good for even highly competitive keywords and I don't want to lose my backlinks that I built for those pages over the 4 years.

Therefore I was thinking about two ways to solve this:

1. I could use a CMS platform where I could create those pages again and simply redirect my existing html pages to the new urls. However I'm not sure, if this way the power of my backlinks would go stratight to the new pages. And I also don't know, how I could integrate the wordpress blog into this new platform.

2. I could use a platform that is dynamic, but uses .html endings and this way I could keep my existing urls. I want to highlight again that I'm a complete idiot in this topic, so I don't know, if this is possible at all.

If you have any ideas for this, please give me 3 minutes from your life and share your thoughts!

Thank you,

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    If you use 301 redirects from old site to new site, you will not lose any backlinks or rankings, unless you move it to another domain and / or change your content.
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    Hey dave,

    Because you only have 20 static htmls, i prefer your 1st option.

    Install CMS Platform like wordpress, create post/page in your CMS from those static htmls and use htaccess file to redirect old url (static html url) to your new post/page url (use this tool to generate the code: Free .htaccess Redirect Generator)

    and as phpg stated, if you use 301 redirect, you will not lose any backlinks.
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