wordpress.com OR tumblr

by kimseo
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Hello Guys,
Which one is better for blogging site (in term of search engine and customization) and why?
#tumblr #wordpresscom
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    Wordpress 100%

    Love the plugins
    Love the themes
    and i can see the source code
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    I am also a wordpress fan although I have to admit I haven't had much experience with tumblr. I believe a large majority of website developers use Wordpress over Tumblr though when starting with a blogging platform. Wordpress does have a ton of templates, plugins, and codes just as Fahmzie said above.
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      I'm going to have to agree when it comes to WordPress. Awesome blogging platform, search engine friendly and it has a lot of plugins and themes available.
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    The truth is, we recommend WordPress to some of our clients and Tumblr to others. We are about to deep-dive into Business Catalyst so it will also be a platform we recommend, based on need and business goals. Making the choice between WordPress and Tumblr depends on what you want to do, who your audience is, what your technical threshold is for learning, and who is going to be using the site to write content, plus your gut instinct. Both are free to set up an account with to try out, so why not take a peek at both and see which one you enjoy using more? If you don’t enjoy using these tools, you won’t do much with them and that’s what really matters if you want to start blogging or posting content. Both are great platforms in their own right, and we will continue to provide services and use both platforms for our content.
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    From my opinion, wordpress. It's pretty cool and easy for me... Never checked tumblr!
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    I honestly prefer wordpress, but I have a blogspot blog to. I've tried tumblr and it's not for me. Anyway, the best from all, is wordpress hosted on another server (wordpress.org), even a free one.
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  • Wordpress is 100% SEO friendly. Safer and easy to work with.
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    WP is best because its easy to understand and more friendly. Plugins and themes are excellent
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    i love this because have nice SEO with plugin.
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    Wordpress is the best blogging platform. Why? Because there are a lot of useful tools you can optimize, such as plugin, develop CSS style through dashboard, complete theme available, update version regularly, and many more useful stuff. I have use this platform for many years.
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  • The question is asked on wordpress.com. Not about wordpress self hosted platform. Am I correct?
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    wordpress have many variation on plugin
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  • Profile picture of the author keithotzkie
    It has free plugins to download..
    Also got free themes for your blog site..
    It also has a user friendly dashboard for editing...
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  • Profile picture of the author rantrally
    I prefer wordpress because you can host the site yourself and can modify the code to satisfy your specific needs.

    Michael Harris

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  • Profile picture of the author honestim
    Wordpress for me! Talk of flexibility anyone...

    Get Custom Animation Explainer Videos starting at $29 per minute
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    There are so many blogging site aviable in web,but now days are using wordpress is good ,other than tumbler.There are many help are available and user friendly.
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    Wordpress would do, since you can customize it to your own preference. Lots of plugins to add and themes to apply to. Nothing much to customize to tumblr..
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    Wordpress for me and using it for everything Tumblr is also good but .. come to think about it when I browse through a lot of Tumblr sites they are using it mainly for showing off some pics so my guess would be that Tumblr target is mainly for image sharing something like that.
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  • Profile picture of the author EndTheTrendNow
    Wordpress is pretty awesome. Blogger isn't bad either, but you don't have the control or really good SEO options like you do in Wordpress.

    Carpe Diem EndTheTrendNow.com
    Check out SEOBloggerBook for SEO tips.
    Check out AntiqueOutings.com for Antique Tips
    Check out MiniatureReview.blogspot.com for Gaming with miniatures.

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  • Profile picture of the author annife polak
    Worldpress! It has a much wider use - customization, plugin. Worldspress for blog and site also.


    I am a german living czech republic. Expert on XHTML, PHP. In free time I like CSS coding. Love traveling, skiing and other sports. I spend 5 years in Norway. Im huge fan of ecology and food. Feel free to text me anytime.

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      For SEO it is best way for going for Wordpress...........
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    WordPress has offered people from across the world with an easy, cost-free, and open-source blogging platform since 2003. One of the features that makes WordPress so powerful is its plugins architecture that lets users and developers extend the functionality of the basic CMS.
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    Wp is 100% SEO friendly & customization, plugin. i love it
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