How To Cheaply and Easily Protect My Software

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Hey guys,

I have bought the rights to a software product and wonder if you can suggest the easiest and cheapest way to protect the software/license it without messing with the source code/setup exe file.

I looked at Crypkey and was blown away by the prices. What do you use for your own or clients software? Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yeah, I was going to say SoftwareKey, but as far as the pricing goes EXE Shield looks a lot better.
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    I don't like EXEShield
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    If you sign up to distribute your software via Regnow you can get access to SoftwarePassport Armadillo and use it for your application.
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    @RichBeck, it seems that they totally revamped the publisher panel interface since the last time I logged in, I can't find anything. You needed a publisher account to access that feature so I couldn't give you a public link anyway.
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    Ive been working on a product EXACTLY like your asking about for about 3 months, its taken a lot of time to get it running but i hope to have it running within 2 weeks.

    the program will make any exe into a trial or demo product with serial protection
    and for all warrior forum members it will be a special price - very very special

    Coming soon, PREMIUM rebrandable software at very low prices.

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