How do you insert a hyperlinked photo into a gmail??

by JimOrr
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Usually I am pretty good at figuring out how to do these types of things on my own but this one has me over the barrel. I know there is one small step I am missing but I will be damned if I know what it is.

I have searched YT and Google and found several solutions and none of them work. The prevailing opinion seems to be you first turn on "Inserting Images" function inside the setup labs tab. You use that to bring in the image.

Then you click on the image and select the hyperlink option from the menu and paste in the link.

But that does not work. What ends up happening is the link is put either to the left or right of the photo and not on the photo itself.

What am I missing? :confused:
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    Hi Jim,

    Correct that you have to enable images, don't forget to save changes.

    When you select the image either from your computer or from the web url, click OK and it will then get inserted into the email message.

    Then when you return to the email make sure when you select the image to link to. The image goes blue - with a red circle showing.
    Once the whole of the image has gone blue, click the weblink icon and add your link to the image.

    I just tested it and it's working just fine.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Janet! I was just getting ready to reply back telling you that is what I have been trying and it still was not working for me. Then it dawned on me one more thing to try and then it worked. I was using Google Chrome. I tried it in Firefox and it finally worked!

    Thanks again
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    Hi Jim,

    Great, but, seriously, I used gmail and chrome, so I wonder if there is some other setting that needs looking at.

    Anyway, glad you managed to get it to work for you.
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