Problem changing/installing new WP theme on a free Byethost account

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Hi guys, the title pretty much says it, I've been trying for hours to change the default WP theme on my free Byethost, to no avail. I get this msg:

An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.

I have followed all 'official' steps to install WP on that account; I haven't changed any original WP file apart from wp-config.php. It's a new byethost account. The domain name is a .com.

Any help to solve this issue is very much appreciated

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    Googling error messages can bring up solutions. (My polite way of saying, "Google is your friend!) ;- ) ) I found something here:

    SOLVED - An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request on Wordpress Backend

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    I don't know whether this will help, but I can try ... :confused:

    This gentleman, Gordon Brown (no, not the former British Prime Minister, another one) is a specialist in Byethost hosting and Wordpress installation, and has a big website there with quite a bit of free information on it (you may have to look around quite a bit to find the exact part you want, though - I've seen it before but couldn't find the right pages when I looked just now). I think he probably knows a lot more about "Wordpress at Byethost" than most people, anyway. Maybe you could even try and contact him, if really stuck? Good luck!
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    Thanks a lot to you both, I would like to say "problem solved' but this issue seems a very recurrent one for several people. It'd be great to know what other fellow warriors in a similar situation have to say about this.

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    Just a note to those on the same boat: it seems the only way to go (with the free Byethost acc) is just *manually* download everything, template, plugins, etc. I solved the problem (so far).
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    I think for this problem to several peoples, somebody should take initiative to write proper installation steps specially for the "Wordpress for the byethost" , this will avoid the repatative problem for most of people.
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