Need a Backup Plugin for a WordPress site hosted on Hosgater

by ClaDax
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Well, I'm asking today kindly if it would be possible for you for sharing a idea

on which free Plugin could do a Backup of a WordPress site (files and

databank) hosted on Hosgater (if it is relevant to know).

The backup should be possible to download as a .zip package.

Or do you have another idea for my case? Thank you a lot!
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    I use WP-Twin but you do have to pay for it. I know there are quite a few free WP plugins that will create backup files but I'm not sure if they allow it in zip file. I would think so because the file could be quite large. Do a google search - theres one called wp-db-backup which problogger recommends.
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    A free one is: WP Complete Backup (google it).
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    Hi Friend,

    There is on WP Plugin named as " Bei Fen - WordPress Backup Plugin ". It has great features like get the backup in .zip file as well as you can schedule the backup time and date. So no need to take it manually each time.

    I hope this will help you.
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    I use "WordPress Database Backup" and its work
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    Best free plugin I have used is WordPress › BackWPup « WordPress Plugins

    Do backups and more for your WordPress Blog.

    Database Backup
    WordPress XML Export
    Optimize Database
    Check\Repair Database
    File Backup
    Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 format
    Store backup to Folder
    Store backup to FTP Server
    Store backup to Amazon S3
    Store backup to Google Storage
    Store backup to Microsoft Azure (Blob)
    Store backup to RackSpaceCloud
    Store backup to Dropbox
    Store backup to SugarSync
    Send Log/Backup by Email
    Multisite Support only as Network Admin

    Dave Seldon
    Your News on Over 75 Media Partner Web Sites
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    Or try Backuper:
    WordPress › Backuper: WordPress Backup Plugin « WordPress Plugins

    It's a free plugin that will do a complete cPanel backup of your entire hosting account.
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