Blocking torrents on Linux (Ubuntu)

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Anyone knows how to block torrents on Linux (Ubuntu). I found some documents on Google but failed to block them. A step by step guide would be highly appreciated.
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    who is the Linux User? If it is your kids, just block the port the bittorrent client is using (hopefully they won't figure it out, if they do, they have a bright future as CS majors ahead of them.) If its a seasoned user, your kinna screwed since Linux's power is in its configurability.

    //Linux user of 8 years.
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    One option would be to take away super user rights from whoever it is you're trying to stop. Once you've done that, uninstall transmission and any other torrent software you have. Without being able to sudo, they'll have a hard time reinstalling the client software.

    If, on the other hand, you mean you want to block bad peers when you're downloading torrents, you can activate the built-in peer blocker in transmission, or get peerguardian for linux from sourceforge
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